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"Annwyn Avalon has been my mentor for many years now. She is very intuitive and any tarot reading she has done for me has been spot on accurate.  She delivers any reading with honesty, kindness and hope." Kim C.

"Thank you Annwyn, everything you said in your reading is true and it is happening all ready. I am really starting to find myself and heal my low esteem and yes I really need to let my inner child out. I will follow your advice, you really told me the truth nobody who reads for me tells me the truth but you, and I really appreciate you doing this for me. One more time Thank You Girl!"  Lorena- AZ

I received my first set of Tarot cards when I was 18 years old and since then I have been fascinated and have spent much time reading and learning the art of divination.  While living in Arizona I worked with a corporate party planner and I have had the pleasure of reading for prestigious private events. I have read Tarot for large corporate events such as the Inc. 500 party as well as other private events like Arabian night themed weddings, and bridal parties. I specialize in Tarot, Oracle, Sea Bone Divination, Scrying and other Oracular work. Depending on your needs, I will select a method to help bring clarity to your life, answer questions and bring a deeper understanding of who you are and what your path may bring.


Whispers from the Water

Whispers from the Water is Annwyn Avalon's exclusive divination service. Using divination methods associated with water, ocean, rivers and lakes Annwyn divines and delivers messages directly from the water and water spirits to you. Pulling on Sacred Well, Oracular and Delphi traditions, Annwyn delivers accurate watery messages just for you!

This Months Special!!!

  • The Nautilus Shell- a 9 card spread detailing your present position where you are going and how to keep balance and harmony as you do so. $20

Custom spreads, in depth readings and other divination services $1 per min

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All readings will be delivered via video link to your email or via Google Hangouts live video chat.