Annwyn Avalon is a Henna artist based out of Oregon. She has been playing with henna ever since she was a child. After art school while living in Japan Annwyn found a teacher and learned how to hone her skills as an artist. She began professionally offering henna while living in North Carolina in 2010. Since then she has created her art at numerous corporate and private events, for beautiful brides, magazines and the magical practitioner. Her art has been featured in magazines, and adorned many performance artists. She is currently available for private events, private appointments and vending by request.

What is Henna?
Often times called “Henna Tattoo,” Mehndi is the beautiful art of applying Henna paste in a intricate design on to the skin. Used for 1000’s of years Henna has been applied to hair and skin for a beautiful, natural dye that ranges from red to golden brown. When applied to skin Henna has a temporary effect creating a design that lasts for weeks. Henna is a natural plant, and only natural ingredients are used to mix the henna paste, though like many natural plants allergies may occur, please inform us of ANY allergies you may have. Henna can not be applied to small children or babies.

Original Henna Art
All of Annwyn's designs are hand drawn on the skin and are all origonal art. She free hands all Henna art work, though basic designs are available, custom art is preferred. 


Price by size is best suited for women's parties, adult parties, private appointments etc. A minimum of $100.00 is required for me to travel to the location. This is a great choice if you are looking to have a few large designs done between a few friends. For example, if 4 people at the party got a medium henna each, it will cover the minimum amount. It is also a good choice if different size designs are needed for your event. Professional design books are brought to the event. Traveling fees may apply. Any appointments that is under $100.00 must travel to my location, which is south of Portland.  Prices range from $10-$65 per design.

Price by hour is best suited for corporate events, large parties bridal showers, and belly blessings. The benefit to pricing by hour, is that your guests will not have to worry about payment, I can complete about 20 small designs or about 10-15 medium in one hour.  To find out what is best for your event please contact me by phone or e-mail. Limited design choices are available for corporate events and large parties. Professional design books are brought to bridal showers and belly blessings.  Traveling fees may apply.
1 hour- $100.00
2 hours- $175.00
3 hours- $275.00

Traveling fees may apply to any event that is located outside the greater Portland area. A fee of $25.00 per hour of driving will be applied to all events. Please contact me for more information.