Annwyn Avalon is an accomplished Priestess, Artist, Dancer and Witch. Priestess and founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft and OuroboRose school of Magic where she offers several courses and information on magic. She has been featured in magazines for her visual and performing art as well as placed in Belly Dance competitions. She has lived in Japan and the United States where she taught and performed belly dance starting her dance career. She is a Polytheistic Witch serving many gods, she researches and practices many forms of witchcraft including sea and water witchcraft, hedge riding, folklore, folk magic, priestess traditions, trance and oracular work. She has several degrees and certificates from Reiki Master to Bachelor Degrees, she has worked at ASU in an Ethnobotany internship Ritual Use of Plants and continues to study plants in a similar manner. She is an avid gardener loving plants and flowers. She loves to paint and sells her work on etsy, the subject matter is usually the female form. She has been working as a professional dancer since 2007, a professional henna artist since 2010, and enjoys offering henna to a variety of clients. Her work as a Priestess is in service to many gods and her community.